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Pinellas County Economic Development
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Andrea Falvey, CEcD
Business Development Manager
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Green Technology and Sustainable Industries
A Focus on Environmental Sustainability & Clean Energy in Pinellas County
Pinellas County Green Business Partnership: is a voluntary assessment that recognizes businesses, business organizations and local governments for their environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Offered through the University of Florida/IFAS Pinellas County Extension, it encourages conservation of resources, waste reduction, energy conservation and cost savings.
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  • Energy Conservation
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  • Fact Sheets and Resources

  • 2012 Pinellas County Recycling Directory, a 24-page guide listing recycling programs available to residents and businesses is now online. http://pinellascounty.org/utilities/recycling-directory/
    Clean energy incentives and tax exemptions are available to  companies looking to produce renewable energy sources and for those who want to integrate renewable energy into their production process.


    KB Industries – Paving a Path to Success in Pinellas


    Have you visited Pinellas County’s Heritage Village lately?  Enjoyed a stroll back in time on its well-maintained paths?  If you answered “yes,” you are already acquainted with Pinellas-based KB Industries (KBI).  KBI, headquartered in the city of Pinellas Park, produces and installs a variety of flexible, porous paving products designed to offer a “green” improvement over traditional paving substances.  CEO Kevin Bagnall explains, “Our products aren’t just alternatives to concrete, mulch or asphalt; they provide environmentally-friendly solutions that outlast and out-perform other options.”  KBI’s signature product, Flexi®-Pave, is designed to allow for water to flow through the material, eliminating standing water, reducing pollution from storm water run-off, and controlling erosion.  Produced by combining recycled tire rubber with rock aggregate, the material is both porous and flexible, making it perfect for use in tree surrounds, sports complexes, parking lots… and walking paths, such as at Heritage Village.  There, Flexi®-Pave was used to resolve issues with standing water that caused the park’s paths to become unusable by mobility-impaired visitors.  Click to read more...

    Pinellas County Goes Green -  Welcome to Florida's first green government. Pinellas is leading the way to a sustainable future.

    Pinellas County’s Dedicated Green Space



    Sweetbay plans LEED certified Tarpon Springs store

    Florida's "Clean Focus"

    Pinellas County's Boley Center Seeks Green Job Employment Partners.The Boley Center has recently announced its new Pathways Out of Poverty initiative, a green job training program to teach workers the skills required in the emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy industries. Boley would like to hear from Pinellas County employers who are interested in partnering to help secure grant funds to advance this initiative.  Please contact Lori Polachy at (727) 528-8400 ext. 4242 or lori.polachy@boleycenters.org for more information.
    Municipal Sustainability Programs
    Pinellas Designated Green Cities
    St. Petersburg
    Tarpon Springs

    Available LEED Certified Buildings in Pinellas County

    Green Building Links

    Green Building Practices (from Pinellas County)


    Pinellas County Corporate Highlights
    These are just a few of the innovative companies based in Pinellas County that our PCED team has been fortunate enough to visit.  Look for more companies in our Networking Directory.
    PCED Success Stories
    Pinellas Companies

    Local Resources and Partnerships

    Pinellas County Extension/University of Florida IFAS Green 

    University & Educational Initiatives
    Research Initiatives

    Energy Efficiency Programs
    Progress Energy 

    Home Energy Improvement Program

    Energy Efficiency Services

    Tampa Electric Company (TECO)

    Energy Saving Programs

    Clearwater Gas:

    Federal Tax Credit

    Live Greener with Gas

    Department of Environmental Protection:



    Renewable Energy





       Building Retrofits
       Advanced Storage batteries

    Environmental Restoration and Preservation
         Recycling and Waste Management
         Water Reclamation/Reuse
         Geophysical Survey & Mapping
         BioFuels-Alternative Auto Fuels

         Low Carbon Fuels


    Some unique but not commonly cited green industries identified include Some 
    Some unique
    Some unique but not commonly cited green industries identified include hydroelectric power generation, nuclear power generation, clean coal, natural and sustainable product manufacturing, green hotels, organic farming, transportation vehicle manufacturing and government.

    Green Jobs
    Examples include energy auditor, energy manager, wind generating installer, hybrid and fuel cell automotive technician, carbon reduction manager, greenhouse gas assessor, intelligent building specialist, smart grid engineer, carbon trader and environmental compliance specialist. Green jobs can be found in the broader economy, outside of energy, and may be a subset of the energy industry. This approach includes construction, reforestation and land restoration. It also includes clean energy, nuclear, solar, alternative, suppliers to green industries and emerging industries.  

    Florida's Green Initiatives

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